Sea slugs self-decapitate and regrow whole body

This sea slug is able to self-decapitate

and regrow a whole new body

Courtesy: Sayaka Mitoh

Japenese reseachers said they made the discovery by chance

SOUNDBITE) (Japanese) NARA WOMEN'S UNIVERSITY PHD RESEARCHER, SAYAKA MITOH, SAYING:"One day, the head and body of the Elysia cf. marginata (sea slug) that our laboratory had been raising for generations was suddenly split apart. I thought it was going to die, but when I saw it, it was moving around and eating food. It seemed to be doing well. So I continued observing it, and I realized, it had started regenerating its heart and body."

"The heart and body regenerated from the tip of its (sea slug) head. This indicates that there are probably stem cells in this area. If there will be more research on these stem cells, I believe it could be applied to regenerative medicine in the future."