SEA Games failure unleashes the whiners

They only come out to whack Singapore, and not offer anything productive #football #soccer #seagames2023 #sgsports #teamsg

Video transcript

- This whole Unleashed the Roar, I mean, it should be renamed Unleashed the Whiners. Right?


--because, as a nation, we are gold medalists as keyboard warriors. I mean, we are gold medalists. We are the gold standard when it comes to whining.


- The last few days, "Oh, I'm so ashamed of Singapore. And I'm gonna whack the boys. I'm gonna whack the boys." Do you play?

- No.

- Do you let your boys play? Do you let your girls play?

- Mm.

- Yes, the 11 boys on the pitch didn't have a great tournament. We kind of expected that. But they're out there. Where are you? When was the last time you went to a game?

- Mm.

- What players can you name that are not called Fandi?

- Yeah.

- [LAUGHS] Yeah.

- Don't keep talking to me about the Malaysia Cup. Don't keep talking to me about Quan Kim Song. I've heard it all before, right, the Quah brothers, and Lim Tong Hai, and Stephen Tan. I've heard it all before. Do you watch football now? Do you let your kids play now? Are you willing to support their development? If any of those questions are no-- and most of the time, they are no-- you have no argument in this.