Scuffles in Hong Kong's Victoria Park as police enforce Tiananmen vigil ban

Hong Kong police patrolled Victoria Park on Saturday (June 4) after authorities banned any public commemoration of the anniversary of Beijging's Tiananmen Square crackdown in 1989. "For the second consecutive year, the police closed down portions of Victoria Park to the public for fear of seeing people congregate for the annual Tiananmen Square massacre wake," Newsflare's filmer said. "The few people who came out to light candles were systematically arrested or admonished. Activist activist Lau Shan Ching was arrested in Victoria Park after appearing with a mask where featured the handwritten text 'remembering 4/6.' "Later, Yu Wai-pan, from the League of Social Democrats was arrested for wearing a white mask with an 'x' on the front, leading to some pushing and shoving between journalists and police. Two truck drivers were also similarly arrested, although the charges or reasons for arrest are still unclear. "Overall, the authorities seemed to have fulfilled their goal, as the people protesting this year were far fewer than the year before, but at the cost of a heavy police deployment."

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