Scuba Divers Rescue Banjo Shark Caught on Metal Post

Scuba divers swimming off the coast of Victoria, Australia, rescued a Banjo shark caught on a metal post, with footage of the sea creature shared to Instagram on February 22.

Jules Casey, who frequently posts underwater footage to her OneBreathDiver Instagram account, shared video of the rescue, which occurred while diving at Rye Pier.

“On our way back from the artificial reefs known as Elsa’s Reef we found a Banjo Shark needing our help,” Casey said.

The Ray had been “trying to eat the bait from a fisherman’s hook” when it “became trapped on one of the metal posts marking the way to the Reef.”

“It would appear the fisherman was not attending to his rod because he wasn’t trying to pull on his line, which made the rescue much easier for us,” Casey continued.

“One very large hook had pierced her lip but as soon as I was able to remove it she was free to go”. Credit: Jules Casey via Storyful

Video transcript