Scuba divers explore eerie & beautiful shipwrecks in the Great Lakes

Tobermory is a small town in Ontario, nestled in a quiet harbour in Georgian Bay. It is home to Fathom Five National Marine Park, which holds the wrecks of 22 wooden steamers that sank in these icy waters more than 100 years earlier. The wrecks have been well preserved by the cold water that prevents decay of the wooden structures. Scuba divers from around the continent come here, seeking the magnificent diving that this lake has to offer. The crystal clear waters provide incredible visibility, even at deeper sites. The gorgeous blue backdrop provides an excellent opportunity to create breath taking photos and videos. The ability to dive over and among the wreckage provides a look at history that cannot be imagined without seeing it up close and in person. Each of the wrecks comes with a story. As divers prepare to enter the water to explore, the captain of their boat tells them what took place a century ago to place the ships where they rest. The stories are fascinating, sometimes tragic, and each one leaves the scuba divers with an eerie feeling that many years ago, the ship's crew faced peril as their ships ran aground or broke apart on the rocks. In most cases, extreme weather and horrific waves tossed the ships around mercilessly as the crew members fought to maintain control. Some of the stories are filled with triumph as the crew battled the elements and survived through teamwork and perseverance. As the divers swim around and through the debris, the scattered remains of the ships tell a story and invite wonder and questions about what took place in those storms at the turn of the last century. Reading a history book cannot compare to the actual experience of entering this underwater world and swimming above the remains. This video brings you along on the journey to the bottom of Lake Huron and through Fathom Five Marine Park.

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