Scuba divers encounter a baby octopus in Belize

These scuba divers are thrilled to have found an octopus gliding over the sand in broad daylight. They've never seen such a tiny octopus and it's as cute as a button! Octopus are one of nature's most perfect predator. They are highly intelligent, capable of observational learning and even possess both short and long term memory. The octopus is capable of changing its shape, colour, and texture to perfectly blend in with its surroundings. It is no coincidence that the tiny fellow in this video is almost impossible to see against the sand. Octopus feed on fish, crabs, and mollusks. They have a tiny tooth-like structure on their tongue that allows them to bore a hole in mollusk shells. An enzyme in their saliva breaks down calcium carbonate, the substance that the shells are made of. They inject a toxic saliva into the shell to paralyze and kill their prey. This makes it easier for the octopus to open the shell and eat what is inside. Watching an octopus glide through the water is fascinating. This little one found a conch shell and took shelter inside. The scuba divers continued on their way, leaving the octopus in peace.

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