Scream VI: Where is Neve Campbell and how does film explain her absence?

Scream VI has been released – but, sadly for fans, it’s the first one without Neve Campbell.

Campbell, who had played Sidney Prescott in every Scream film to date, announced in June 2021 she had quit the sixth instalment as she wasn’t getting paid what she thought she deserved.

“Sadly, I won’t be making the next Scream film,” Campbell said in a statement to Variety. “As a woman I have had to work extremely hard in my career to establish my value, especially when it comes to Scream.

“I felt the offer that was presented to me did not equate to the value I have brought to the franchise. It’s been a very difficult decision to move on. To all my Scream fans, I love you.”

The news led to outcry from fans, who immediately called on Paramount Pictures to renegotiate with the star. Sadly, this never happened, and the film has been released with Courteney Cox the only original star to return in a lead role.

Events of the film pick up in New York City in a big move for the franchise, which is usually set in the fictional town of Woodsboro. It centres on characters from the fourth film, sisters Sam (Melissa Berrera) and Tara (Jenna Ortega), who are once again stalked by a Ghostface killer.

While Sidney is not in the film, she is mentioned in a scene that explains her absence.

When Cox’s Gale Weathers makes her return as Ghostface’s body count starts racking up, she approaches Sam and Tara, telling them that when Sidney heard about the killings, she skipped town with her husband to make sure she was well shot of the carnage.

Neve Campbell is not in ‘Scream VI’ (Paramount Pictures)
Neve Campbell is not in ‘Scream VI’ (Paramount Pictures)

“She deserves to have her happy ending,” Weathers tells the sisters, who agree with her.

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