'Get Out!' Scottish Woman Shouts as Pet Sheep Invade Her Home

Two sheep invaded their owner’s farmhouse after she left her front door open in Kirkcaldy, Scotland, in late May.

Video recorded by Donna Turner shows her yelling at her large pet sheep and chasing them out of her living room, after she accidentally left her front door open. Turner said her sheep were originally orphan lambs who were often in her home when they were little.

“They’re too big now, but still want to come in,” Turner told Storyful. “They’re so quick and if I forget to close the door, they’re in causing havoc.” Credit: Donna Turner via Storyful

Video transcript

DONNA TURNER: Out. Out. Get out.

Out. Get out. Out, out.

Get. Out. Get. Out. Out, out, get out.

Out, get out. Out, out. Get. Out, get.

Out. Out, get out. Out, get out. Out.

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