Scottish Toddler in Duck Outfit Has Swans in Her Thrall

A two-year-old dressed in a duck costume from West Calder, Scotland, made fast friends with a group of swans recently.

Amy Shevlin said her daughter Riley “is obsessed with ducks,” and joked that “she believes when she has her duck costume on that she is a real duck!”

Footage shot by Shevlin show the swans gliding alongside her daughter after Riley had handed out a sizable feed to the birds.

Shevlin said the footage was recorded during a family visit to nearby Linlithgow Loch on May 2, and that Riley “loves” feeding the birds there and “calls them her friends.”

Shevlin posted the footage to her @rileykayscott TikTok account, where the pair star in numerous videos together. Credit: Amy Shevlin via Storyful