Scottish man suffers from permanent erection after procedure gone awry

Sylvia Looi
A Scottish man is left in constant agony after doctors inserted metal rods into his penis which left him with permanent erection. ― Picture via Unsplash

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 19 ― A Scottish man is now living in constant agony after an operation after serious pelvic injuries went awry and left him with a permanent erection.

As a result, James Scott is now prisoner of his own home as he can’t put his trousers on and is in constant pain.

Scott, a former glazier, had suffered serious injuries after a 1.5 tonnes of glass fell on him at work four years ago.

This resulted in the 57-year-old sustaining injuries in the groin area, a fractured bone at the bottom of his spine, lacerations on both legs and a blocked urethra.

The father of one daughter, from Balornock, in Glasgow, underwent an operation to fix his problem two years ago, a procedure however that left him unable to get an erection.

Another procedure was then carried out to fix the problem but this time it left him with permanent erection.

It is unclear when Scott underwent the second operation.

Speaking to Scottish tabloid The Daily Record, Scott said doctors had inserted metal rods into his penis during the second surgery.

“I was told it would be sore for about six to eight weeks after but I never expected anything like this. I’ve now got a permanent erection and I’m in agony.

“I can’t bear anything to touch it. I can’t even wear clothes. It’s a nightmare.”

His problem has also affected his duty as a father as he can’t have his nine-year-old daughter over to visit.

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