Scottish fishermen halt exports, Brexit blamed

Scotland harvests vast quantities of seafood from off its Atlantic coast.

It's then rushed by truck to grace the tables of European diners in Paris, Brussels and Madrid.

But now many Scottish fishermen have halted exports to European Union markets.

They say post-Brexit bureaucracy has shattered the system.

Exporters fear their businesses could become unviable after the introduction of health certificates, adding that customs declarations and other paperwork have added days to their delivery times costing them hundreds of pounds for each load.

Jimmy Buchan is from the Scottish Seafood Association:

"It appears that they are checking every lorry, every pallet, every box. Now that is taking instead of 45 minutes to one hour, it is taking five hours."

In the first working week after Brexit, businesses said one-day deliveries were taking three or more days - if they got through at all.

Some owners could not say for sure where their valuable cargo was.

And a trade group told fishermen to stop fishing exported stocks.

On Thursday evening (January 7), the Scottish fishing industry's biggest logistics provider, DFDS Scotland, told customers it had taken the "extraordinary step" of halting some export services until Monday (January 11) to try to fix the backlog.