Scott Baio Lambasted for California Exit Announcement: ‘Good Luck, Florida!’

“Happy Days” actor Scott Baio announced Wednesday that he will be leaving the state of California due to the homelessness crisis and crime.

“After 45 years, I’m making my way to finally ‘exit stage right’ from California,” he wrote on Twitter, citing the following statistic.

“The most recent survey conducted by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority found approximately 69,000 people experiencing homelessness in L.A. County and 41,000 in the city in 2022.”

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The actor, who played Chachi on the hit 1970s sitcom, is quoted in full via Fox News.

“[Homelessness] brings down property value. Also no consequences for crime that is rampant, making things higher in price and it’s just not a safe place anymore. #ImFree,” Baio wrote.

Many celebrated the news on Twitter like a good riddance.

“Scott Baio is leaving California and heading to Florida,” one user tweeted. “Congratulations, California!” Good luck, Florida!”

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“Scott Baio single-handedly raises the IQ level in California by 100 points simply by leaving,” wrote another user. “Thank you Scott Baio don’t let the door hit you on your way out.”

Others criticized the celebrity’s choice to leave instead of stay and help improve the situation.

“So let’s leave the state & keep the blinders on instead of helping & being advocate for them,” Shelly tweeted. “Nothing says I’m a rich has been snob than that.”

Still others wonder if there are other reasons the retired actor wishes to leave.

“He’s leaving because there is no work FOR HIM in Hollywood,” one user tweeted. “Scott Baio is a washed up loser.”

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“There was a 3.4 magnitude #earthquake not far from Malibu, California,” Robert Segarra wrote on Twitter. “This is the real reason why Scott Baio is leaving California, isn’t it? The vibrations mussed up his hair.”

“The truth is that Scott Baio is tired of seeing all the working actors who live in California lmao,” wrote Forrest Miller.

Baio responded to several tweets reacting to his announcement, discussing his “right wing” politics, the high taxes he is happy to leave behind and more. In April, revealed the TV star had listed his five-bedroom, 4.5 bath home in Woodland Hills, California.

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