Here’s The Scoop On The Net Worth And Personal Life Of Lojain Omran From ‘Dubai Bling’

Lojain Omran is a bona fide celebrity among the super wealthy cast members of Dubai Bling, the Netflix reality TV show that is the Middle Eastern version of Bling Empire (2021– ).

Omran is a famous Saudi Arabian TV personality, who was a banker before she turned to the world of glamour. She is one of the most influential figures in the Arab world and is an extremely famous celebrity.

Dubai Bling revolves around 10 high net-worth individuals, living in the mega city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The cast members include socialites, influencers, businesspersons and models.

Its first season hit Netflix on October 27 2022 but has received largely negative reviews from critics. However, those who like watching a bunch of immensely rich people go about their obviously ostentatious lifestyles while embroiled in complex relationship dramas will still find the show worth a watch.


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All about Lojain Omran, the Dubai Bling cast member

Lojain Omran Dubai Bling
Image credit: @unct_photography via Lojain Omran/@lojain_omran/Instagram

In its cast introduction in September 2022, Netflix noted Omran’s incredible popularity in the region.

“From sharing her Saudi culture with the social circle to inspiring young Arab women across the region with her inspirational and positive energy, Lojain is a calm and centred presence in the social circle,” the streaming giant said, adding, “Can Lojain serve as the voice of reason as her friends bicker and fall out?”

According to Reality Titbit, Zeina Khoury, Omran’s friend and fellow cast member, said that she has “a very strong influence over women.”

This is apparent because, like Khoury, Omran carved a name for herself completely with her own hard work. Her possessions, which include jewels, accessories by luxury brands and designer gowns, have come from her own illustrious repute in her professional life.

Net worth of Lojain Omran

Lojain Omran net worth
Image credit: @unct_photography via Lojain Omran/@lojain_omran/Instagram

As in the case of other prominent cast members of Dubai Bling, the exact net worth of Lojain Omran is not known.

However, estimates suggest that Omran is at least a millionaire. In fact, Netflix describes the cast of Dubai Bling as “millionaires.” This means that every member of the cast should be worth over a million dollars.

Reality Titbit reports that Omran’s net worth could be between USD 1 million to USD 6 million. However, the publication, Arabian Business, previously reported that only four cast members — Ebraheem Al Samadi, Loujain Adada, Kris Fade and Brianna Fade — are actually millionaires.

Adada is the richest woman in the group. Each of the remaining cast members has a net worth hovering anywhere between USD 180,000 and USD 800,000 only.


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Banking sector and switch to television

Lojain Omran
Image credit: Lojain Omran/@lojain_omran/Instagram

Omran was born in Jubail, a city located in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province, in 1977. She studied banking and, for quite some time, worked in the financial sector.

Reports say she moved to Bahrain in 2001 and continued her banking career with financial giants such as Visa and Citibank.

She also served as an operations manager at Saudi Hollandi Bank, which is now known as Alawwal Bank.

Omran left her banking career in 2004 and made a drastic shift to television. She made her TV debut with the show, The Situation With Lojain, on Bahrain TV. The show instantly propelled her to fame.

The broadcasting opportunity with Bahrain TV paved her way to appearances in other projects, including Around The Gulf, The World Of Eve and Ya Hala — the last of which was with Saudi Arabian media house Rotana Khalijia.

Yet, her most famous show arrived on the pan-Arabic TV channel MBC1. Titled Sabah Al-kheir ya Arab (Good Morning Arabs!), the show proved to be a tremendous success and a turning point in Omran’s TV career.

Omran has two children

Despite being a famous personality, Omran is extremely private about her personal life and she rarely shares pictures of her family.

Media reports indicate that Omran has an ex-husband and two children from her marriage to him, which happened when she was 16 years old.

In 2018, Arab News published a report about the wedding of Omran’s daughter, Jilan. According to the report, the lavish wedding was held in Bahrain and was attended by Arab celebrities and businessmen.

Citing Saudi magazine Hia, Arab News reported that both Omran and her daughter wore dresses designed by Syrian designer Houida Baridi.

The other child is a son, who is reportedly named Samir.

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She has a sister who is also famous

Image credit: Lojain Omran/@lojain_omran/Instagram

Omran’s sister is Aseel Omran, who is 32 years old and is a famous Saudi Arabian actress. By some accounts, she is one of the most bankable stars in the UAE.

Reports suggest that Aseel is signed with Rotana and is best known for starring in the reality show Gulf Stars.

Aseel became Dior’s Middle East ambassador in March 2022. She has also been the face of L’Oréal in the Middle East since 2019. She is seen briefly in Dubai Bling as one of the guests on the show.

Omran’s accolades

Lojain in Jeddah
Image credit: Lojain Omran/@lojain_omran/Instagram

Due to her accomplishments and inspirational standing in Arab society, Omran has been the recipient of notable honours in the region.

She was appointed ambassador of the Mohammed bin Rashid Award for Tolerance in 2016 and launched the “Tolerance Sign” on the occasion.

She was ranked 55th in Forbes’ Middle East’s list of ‘The Top 100 Arab Celebrities’ and the following year, she received the Arab Women’s Award from the Arab Women’s Foundation in London.


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Prominent social media influencer

Influencer Lojain Omran
Image credit: @karlphotography via Lojain Omran/@lojain_omran/Instagram; and @unct_photography via Lojain Omran/@lojain_omran/Instagram

Omran has over 10 million followers on Instagram and 1.3 million on Twitter, which makes her one of the most-followed celebrities in the Arab world. She also has numerous followers on video-centric platforms, Snapchat and TikTok.

Her Instagram account offers a window into her ultra-glamorous life as well as her inspirational thoughts. Her stylish outfits and fashion sense regularly receive wide appreciation from her fans.

Her social media world also allows fans to see her famous friends — such as designer Valérie Messika, who has also styled the likes of billionaire singer-songwriter Rihanna.

However, she has also been criticised for her views on some occasions. According to South China Morning Post (SCMP), she received backlash for her comments on a young woman who twerked and danced in a Saudi Arabian club in 2019.

Omran called the act “repulsive,” which invited the ire of prominent Saudi Arabian women activists who questioned the TV personality’s own luxurious life in a less conservative UAE.

(Main and Featured images: @unct_photography via Lojain Omran/@lojain_omran/Instagram)

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