Scientists stumble upon ‘world’s northernmost island’

Scientists in Greenland stumbled upon the northernmost place on Earth

Location: Qeqertaq Island, Greenland

SCIENTIFIC LEADER, ARCTIC STATION, UNIVERSITY OF COPENHAGEN, PHD, MORTEN RASCH: “By accident, we actually fell down on something that appears to be the northernmost place on Earth, the closest to the North Pole that somebody ever have been and that's of course a funny feeling."

In July, a team of researchers set foot on a tiny island

that they believed to be Oodaaq

an island discovered by a Danish survey team in 1978

RASCH: “Then we had contact with the person who actually takes care for, on behalf of Denmark, on registering these islands in these areas. (flash) He was absolutely clear in saying you have not been on Oodaaq Island, you have been on a new island and it's actually situated approximately 800 meters more to the north than Oodaaq Island."

The small island measures roughly 33 yards across

and has a peak of about 10 feet

RASCH: “So you will be the first one hearing the name of the island, that we will suggest for the island - and it will be called Qeqertaq Avannarleq (The Northernmost Island)."

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