Scientists create pain-free blood sugar diabetes test

Is this the "holy grail" for diabetic blood sugar testing?

This non-invasive strip checks glucose levels via saliva


"We've developed a way of embedding an enzyme that detects, in this case, glucose, directly into a transistor. Now a transistor is a very sensitive amplifier and so that enzyme that we put into the transistor it turns glucose into a signal that the transistor can detect but now it's a transistor that we can manufacture by printing it because the electronic materials are all inks."

Since the electronic materials are inks

the test can be made through printing at a low cost

"I think it's going to radically change the way we think about medical devices and in particular, sensors. Because we can print these at remarkably low cost. Because we can manufacture them using simple printing techniques. All the feedback we have at the moment is that people are itching to have this sort of test. Where we're at at the moment is we are getting to the point where we're about to embark on clinical trials. And so we are at that point now where we are heading towards manufacturing of these devices at large scale."

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