The Science Behind Why Coke Tastes Better At McDonald's

The Science Behind Why Coke Tastes Better At McDonald's

We've spent plenty of time trying to recreate some of McDonald's most popular menu items, from Big Macs to hotcakes to shamrock shakes. You can recreate a lot of the McDonald's magic at home, but there's one thing they offer that's impossible to replicate: the Coke.

Yes, you heard us. Anybody who's ever ordered a Coca-Cola at McDonald's knows that it's better than what you'd find at any other soda fountain. We'd even go so far as to say it's better than Coke straight from the can or bottle (and that's even including Mexican Coke).

You've probably heard other people wax poetic about the merits of McDonald's Coke. It's easy to dismiss it as some mental experience that happens when you visit the golden arches. But it's not just you, and it's not just in your head: there are scientific reasons why Coke tastes better at McDonald's. Here are all the factors that go into making Coca-Cola at McDonald's and how they elevate the soda into something truly special.

The Syrup Ratio

If you’re drinking a fountain soda, you’re most likely enjoying it over ice. But the ice melts over time and dilutes your drink. McDonald’s understands how this process diminishes your drinking experience, so they adjust their syrup-to-water ratio to account for the ice. So when it comes straight out of the fountain, the Coke is more concentrated than your standard soda. It’s the reason why your first sip of McDonald’s Coke tastes so special—but it’s also why your soda never ends up watery.

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The Packaging

Most establishments that serve Coca-Cola in their soda fountains receive concentrated syrup in plastic bags stored in cardboard boxes. Each bag comes with a nozzle that connects to the soda fountain. It’s a simple, lightweight, and cost-effective method—but it doesn’t come without its cons. McDonald’s, on the other hand, gets their soda syrup delivered in stainless steel tanks. The material is better at protecting the syrup from light, heat, oxygen, and other factors that can compromise its quality.

The Filtration

Soda is mostly water, which means that the H2O you start with makes a major difference (for better or for worse). Different regions have different water sources and pipes that can all impact the way your soda tastes. McDonald’s levels the playing field with their filtration systems. Before the water reaches the soda fountain, McDonald’s says that the water is filtered “to ensure [their] drinks are always meeting a gold standard.”

The Temperature

We all know that soda tastes better when it’s ice cold. McDonald’s makes sure that your Coke is chilled at every stage, even before it reaches the soda fountain. The stainless steel used to store the syrup is extremely effective when it comes to temperature control, so the syrup always stays cold (and fresh). The water used in McDonald’s soda fountains is also pre-chilled before it’s carbonated. Every cup of McDonald’s soda is cold and refreshing—whether you add ice or not.

The Straw

McDonald’s says that they design their striped straws to be wider than average, which allows your beverage to reach a larger surface area. Besides getting more soda with each sip, the larger diameter means that the flavor will feel fuller and more intense. The chain says that their straws are specifically designed “so all that Coke taste can hit your taste buds.”

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