Schwarzenegger: ‘Climate change dialogue’ not going to work

Actor and former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) said the traditional “climate change dialogue” is not going to work anymore, particularly when it comes to high-polluting countries.

Schwarzenegger joined MSNBC’s Jonathan Lemire on Thursday to discuss clean energy and climate solutions. Lemire asked the “Terminator” star how he would try to reach bigger polluters such as China and India and warn them of the climate change effects.

“Well, I think that there will always be obstacles,” Schwarzenegger replied, later adding, “I think all of it has to do with communication.”

The former governor, who has been an avid exercise advocate, said in the past there was a major global push for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle and now every school, hotel and police station has a gymnasium. The same thing needs to happen with climate, he argued.

“We want to do the same thing here. I think this whole climate change dialogue is not going to work. I think this has been used for the last few decades,” he said, highlighted by Mediaite. “I think we should address it directly, what it is, which is pollution.”

“We want to terminate pollution. There’s the message we should get out there,” Schwarzenegger continued.

In the past, Schwarzenegger has dubbed climate change the “most important issue.” In office, he promoted clean air and energy policies.

In 2021, he criticized world leaders as “liars” and “stupid” for delaying on climate action in an attempt to protect economies.

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