Schoolgirls in Indonesia show that kids of all countries and cultures love nothing more than playing in water when the weather is hot

When the thermometer rises, kids everywhere love nothing more than cooling off in a river. In this video shot on Sunday 31 July, dozens of school children play in the Kali Baru tributary of the Ciliwung river, at the Katulampa dam in Bogor city, West Java, Indonesia. While they are dressed head to toe in tracksuits and hijabs, they clearly have a lot of fun. The pupils also hung three huge red and white Indonesian flags from the dam bridge, to mark Indonesia's upcoming (17 August) independence day. There are several tourist attractions around the Katulampa Dam, including the Katulampa Colourful Village, Katulampa Air Village, and the bag shop, SKI Katulampa. Katulampa weir is located in Katulampa Village. It controls the flow of the Ciliwung river, which ultimately flows to Jakarta before reaching the sea. The structure was built during Dutch colonial days, in 1911, with the aim of being an early warning of water flows to Jakarta, including the possibility of flooding downstream.

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