Schoolboy crossing road dodges car before it smashes into traffic light post

A schoolboy with quick reactions dodged a car that came hurtling towards him after the driver lost concentration while allegedly playing mobile games. Nonmanut Lakchan, 16, was walking home when the vehicle narrowly missed him as he tried to cross the road at a junction in Khon Kaen province, Thailand on April 10. As the vehicle approached the pavement, the quick-thinking young lad stepped back and remained calm even after the car slammed into a traffic light post which was only two steps away from him. Concerned motorcycle riders who were waiting for the red light on the opposite lane checked on him but he was unscathed. The youngster said he was shocked when he saw the vehicle coming towards him. He froze with fear after the collision as he took in what had happened. He said: ‘I was not hurt but I was shocked. I was so scared that I could not move after the car hit the post. Some of the debris from the car flew onto my shirt. ‘When I saw the car approaching I did not think of anything but my instincts told me to take a few steps back. Fortunately, it saved my life.’ The driver of the sedan had minor injuries on his arms which were treated by paramedics who responded on the scene. Police also arrived to investigate and found that the driver was playing a mobile game while driving which caused him to mistakenly step on the gas instead of the brakes. Police Colonel Preecha Kengsarikit said: ‘The driver was not seriously hurt. We will gather more evidence but he appeared to have been playing a mobile game while driving, which caused him to crash.’