A school for visually impaired children in Syria

This Syrian school caters to visually impaired children

Location: Idlib, Syria

The 'Sighted Hearts School' serves more than 100 students

who are taught by visually impaired teachers using Braille


"At the beginning, we faced difficulties because almost all of the students and the entire staff are visually impaired. But thank God, we were able to get through those difficulties. The aim of this school is to get visually impaired people out of the isolating situation they suffer in. We also work on improving their cultural knowledge, education and support them psychologically so they can become more active in society and independent."

16-year-old student Zakarya al-Youssef lives in a camp

He walks 12 miles to reach the school

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) 16-YEAR-OLD VISUALLY IMPAIRED BOY, ZAKARYA AL-YOUSSEF, SAYING: "Life in the camps is difficult, it was easier at home than in the camp. I go to school three times a week, I study until noon then come back."