'Schitt's Creek' star Emily Hampshire apologizes for 'ignorant' Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Halloween costume

  • "Schitt's Creek" star Emily Hampshire apologized after taking part in a Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Halloween costume.

  • "I am deeply sorry and ashamed for putting something that awful out in the universe," she said.

  • Hampshire was dressed as Depp, complete with facial hair, Variety and other outlets reported.

"Schitt's Creek" star Emily Hampshire shared an apology to her Instagram page after her Halloween costume sparked backlash.

According to Variety and other outlets, Hampshire dressed as Johnny Depp, sharing photos of her getup in a now-deleted photo carousel on Instagram. Hampshire's costume included drawn-on facial hair and tattoos, and she appeared to be holding a wine bottle.

Another person who posed with Hampshire in the photos, which were memorialized in screenshots by Page Six and other publications, appeared to be dressed as Depp's ex Amber Heard in a white blouse and black skirt. They also carried a piece of fake poop with eyes on it.

Amid social-media backlash, Hampshire deleted the photos and shared an apology on Wednesday.

"I want to address what is one of the most thoughtless, insensitive, and ignorant things I've ever done," Hampshire began the apology, posted to her page the day after Halloween. "I stupidly thought it would be funny to dress as Johnny Depp and Amber Heard."

"I am deeply sorry and ashamed for putting something that awful out in the universe," Hampshire continued. "Domestic abuse is never, ever funny. These are real issues with real people and I REALLY regret my actions."

"In the future I will do better. I'm so sorry," she concluded.

Representatives for Hampshire didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

The costumes appeared to reference some of the more shocking allegations Heard and Depp made during Heard's widely-publicized trial for defamation last year. At one point, Heard grew emotional while testifying that Depp penetrated her vaginally with a wine bottle after a drunken blowout. Earlier in the trial, Depp had accused Heard of leaving "fecal matter" on his side of their shared bed in a separate incident.

Both Depp and Heard were ordered to pay one another millions after a jury concluded that they were both liable for defaming the other.

Hampshire, for her part, is best known for playing Stevie Budd on the hit sitcom "Schitt's Creek."

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