Can scented sprays help drivers keep their cool?

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Pentagon Motor Group presents three relaxing car air fresheners.

The British vehicle dealership company Pentagon Motor Group is currently testing three new "automotive atomizers" for drivers to spray in their car interiors to help take some of the stress out of the on-road experience. These sample spritzes are available to win via a competition on the company website.

An in-car revolution or catchy marketing? Either way, these three sprays aim to help drivers relax and to help them stay calmer and safer on the roads. These air fresheners use specially formulated blends of essential oils, such as orange oil to help alleviate feelings of anxiety, neroli to help boost concentration, and lemongrass to help soothe tension.

The trio of "automotive atomizers" includes "The Learner," specially developed to help learner drivers ace their tests while keeping their cool. Next up, "The Daily Driver" seeks to boost concentration despite the stress of urban driving. Finally, "The Road Tripper" aims to keep drivers relaxed during long journeys.

Although not yet available to buy, the three sprays are currently being road-tested in the UK. However, a limited number of the spritzes are up for grabs via a competition on the Pentagon Motor Group website .

David Bénard

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