Scaredy Cats: Feline Friends Watch in Fear as New York Streets Flood

A cat owner in Flushing, Queens, was amused by her pets’ reaction to flooding outside their home on September 1, as the remnants of Hurricane Ida inundated the region with torrential rain.

This video, taken by Yarah Shabana, shows her two cats, known as Habeebi and Simba, at the top of a staircase staring at the downpour.

“They were frightened because it was loud and they usually play outside,” Shabana told Storyful.

While she lives on the top floor, Shabana said that the basement in her apartment building was wrecked by flood damage.

Public transit was disrupted across the New York City area on Wednesday evening, with rivers of floodwater seen pouring down streets and onto subway tracks, while thousands of homes experienced power outages.

The conditions prompted Mayor Bill de Blasio to issue a state of emergency for the city.

At least 25 people died due to the severe weather in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, according to media reports. Credit: Yarah Shabana via Storyful

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