Scant evidence against Thunberg ally: India court

The 22-year old climate activist and ally of Greta Thunberg, who has been facing possible life imprisonment in India on accusations of sedition has been grated bail.

And, the judge that granted it says there's little evidence against her.

Disha Ravi's mother, overjoyed outside the packed court on Tuesday, said she had faith in the Indian judicial system.

Ravi was arrested on February 13th for allegedly helping to create an online toolkit for supporters of the ongoing, and massive farmer protests that have swept the country since last year.

Police say the kit included plans to foment violence at the demonstrations.

But in a written statement, the judge in New Delhi says there is, quote, "scanty and sketchy evidence available" to back up the case, that the "young lady" had a completely clean criminal record, and they could find no reason to send her to jail.

The judge also said that the toolkit didn't seem to have any call for violence in it.

Ravi's arrest has stoked claims that Indian authorities are suppressing opposition to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's policies.

His government has tried for months to end the farmers protests, to no avail.