Scan by scan, a 3D-printed house comes to life

This demo house was built using a giant 3D printer to show the public and the industry what 3D printing can do.

Location: Calverton, New York


"Our demo built here is 1,900 square feet with a total print time of 48 hours. After the concrete was set up and dry enough we had the truss roof system installed, sheathe, roof shingles, everything finished off, and we finished off the interior to give an open house."

The company is building a near-identical home, which is on the market for $299,000.

(SOUNDBITE) (English) SQ4D DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS, KIRK ANDERSSEN, SAYING: "We're getting some good feedback, some negative feedback, but I think people are just unprepared for how this is going to change construction. I see my peers and younger minds, they know 3-D printing as an everyday thing. There's some older tradesmen and gentlemen in the field that don't know what 3-D printing is. 'How can you how can you make a house out of that?' But it's a viable way to build. We are using concrete which is abundant and used every day all over the world. So we're seeing some good feedback because people get it. The people that don't need a little more explaining. And that's fine. This is the beginning. We're just scratching the surface right here."