SBU interdicts a shipment of components for Russian drone and missile production

Ilya Vitiuk, Head of the SBU Cyber Security Department
Ilya Vitiuk, Head of the SBU Cyber Security Department

Ukraine’s SBU security service has managed to halt the supply of a large batch of technological components to Russia, which were meant for Moscow’s cruise missile and drone production, SBU reported on March 15.

According to Illya Vityuk, the head of SBU’s Cybersecurity Department, Ukrainian specialists have successfully blocked the delivery of servomotors for the production of 1,600 Shahed kamikaze UAVs and 4,000 microchips for cruise missiles.

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He added that SBU operatives continue to work on the frontlines, destroying enemy electronic warfare systems and intercepting Russian drones responsible for the coordination of missile and artillery strikes on Ukrainian troops.

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Intelligence gathered by the cybersecurity experts help to prevent combat casualties.

"Imagine: Russian special services hack messengers [apps] of one [Ukrainian] servicemember and thus figure out the exact location and time of a planned meeting, and as a result— a strike follows, killing dozens," he explains how his department contributes to Ukraine’s wider war effort.

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