SBU detains two guards of Russian torture chambers in Kherson

Arrest of one of the suspects
Arrest of one of the suspects

Ukraine’s SBU security service has arrested a man and a woman who worked for Russian occupation forces in Kherson and went into hiding after the city's liberation in late 2023, the agency announced on March 25.

According to the SBU press service, the investigation established that during the occupation, the suspects were appointed as part of the "administration" of a Russian torture facility, located at a local penal colony.

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The detained served as "security inspectors" at the facility, wearing Russian uniforms, carrying weapons, and identification badges. In particular, the suspects guarded the cells holding members of the Ukrainian resistance movement in Kherson Oblast.

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The investigation established that in these cells, Russians applied torture to coerce Ukrainian citizens into collaboration.

After the liberation of Kherson, the collaborators avoided justice, moving constantly before SBU agents detained them.

The alleged perpetrators are charged with collaborationism, facing up to 15 years in prison.

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