‘I saw fear’: Tommy Fury explains why he shoved Jake Paul at weigh-in

Tommy Fury insists he is not prepared to “play games” and insists he shoved Jake Paul at the weigh-in to show him “this is my show.”

The pair came head-to-head in Saudi Arabia on Saturday after successfully weighing in for their highly-anticipated fight on Sunday.

The tension was broken when Paul appeared to grab at Fury’s chest, leading to the brother of Tyson Fury shoving the YouTube star-turned-boxer and forcing him off balance.

“You see fear in the man's eyes,” Fury told IFLTV. “He didn't know what to say or do, this is my show. He's talked a lot, he's got to back him up. He's going to sleep early.

“[I pushed him] just so he can see that this is my show, he's not getting away from here. It's me. I saw fear in his eyes.

“I told him what was going to happen. Tried touching my chest, I'm not here to play games or touch body parts, I'm here to knock him out. He can't weasel himself out of this one. He has no idea.

“There was nothing spoken about the bet during the weigh-in, I leave that to my team, my job is to fight.”

Paul insists he is the calmer man and that it is his “destiny” to perform on this stage in a fight set to pay both men millions of dollars.

Tommy Fury and Jake Paul face off during the weigh-in event (AFP via Getty Images)
Tommy Fury and Jake Paul face off during the weigh-in event (AFP via Getty Images)

“He’s acting, trying to act like his brother,” Paul said. “This professional boxer is going down, it’s simple. It’s what I do, he’s never been in a moment like this.

“He can’t stop moving, he’s nervous. I don’t have to act. I’m from Ohio, Cleveland, a real dog. This is destiny, we do the biggest shows, and we knock people out.

“We’ll do another show in Saudi. 100 per cent (four rounds or less), the talk is over, it’s time to figure out the truth.”