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Save 55% on these ultra-sturdy glass food storage containers for the 4th of July

They're durable, airtight and leakproof, users say — and they're under $3 a pop just in time for your leftover barbecue.

If you're a fan of leftovers, good for you for not letting perfectly good grub go to waste. But we're also willing to bet you have a cabinet full of stained, mismatched plastic food storage containers that make packing up said leftovers quite the chore. Well, it might be time for a little upgrade. Thousands of Amazon shoppers approve of these sturdy glass JoyJolt JoyFul Food Storage Containers, which have airtight seals to keep food fresh. And at $30 for a complete set — down from $70 — they're over 55% off for the 4th of July. (Want more deals? Take a look at the best 4th of July sales we've found across the web.)

Got leftovers? Ditch the plastic for these super-strong glass containers.

Save $40 with coupon
$30 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal? 💰

With the original over-40% discount and an additional on-page coupon, this set is down to one of its lowest prices ever. You'll get 12 containers and lids for just $30 — that's less than $3 apiece. They're available in four colors, though prices vary (the black and gray sets are currently $30).

Why do I need this? 🤔

As mentioned, these food storage containers are made of glass — but not just any glass. We're talking about borosilicate glass, which is used on thermal tiles in space shuttles. Not only does the glass conveniently allow you to see what's packed inside, but it's also oven-safe up to an insane 1,040°F and can go in the microwave (without a lid). You can also store these containers in the freezer if you have leftovers you know you won't get to right away.

With this set, you'll get four rectangular containers, four square containers and four round containers that range from 11 to 35 ounces. The included lids have airtight silicone seals and snap shut on each side to keep food fresh and help prevent leaks — so long, soggy lunch box! Now you'll have ample storage for everything from leftovers to ingredients you've prepped for the week.

the glass food storage containers holding vegetables on a kitchen counter
The name doesn't lie — these food storage containers really do give us a jolt of joy. (Amazon)

What reviewers say 💬

More than 10,000 Amazon customers are singing the praises of JoyJolt food storage containers.

Pros 👍

"Best storage containers I have ever owned, and I’m 73," shared one wowed shopper. "Needless to say, I have many. I was so tired of fighting with poor-fitting lids. These are amazingly functional."

"Absolutely love how versatile these containers are," gushed another impressed buyer. "The glass is sturdy and [the] lids are easy to clean and do not stain. Both containers and lids did well in my top rack dishwasher without any warping. I put soup in the container and flipped it upside down on my counter just to test if it would leak, and not one drop escaped through the seal."

"These are excellent quality!" exclaimed a third customer. "Honestly, I like them more than my Pyrex containers. The lids stay on well, they stack together nicely and they wash up well!"

Cons 👎

That same reviewer went on to say, "[My] only complaint is the lids are annoying to store, but otherwise I love them and will be ordering more!" (Psst: Keep scrolling for a smart lid storage solution.)

Said a final shopper, "This set is really small. Great for minimal leftovers. Ideal for going into lunch boxes. But for family-sized leftovers, they are too small."

This set is available in four colors — get it in black, gray, green or periwinkle.

Save $35 with coupon
$30 at Amazon

As promised, here's that smart lid storage solution:

This popular problem-solver has five adjustable dividers so you can neatly organize your lids by size, shape or however you'd like. No more messy stack of mystery lids taking up precious space!

"Really nice storage container for lids," wrote one happy reviewer. "Easy to put together ... fit well in [my] cupboard and helped clean up and organize the clutter."

$20 at Amazon

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