Saudi Officials Arrest Workers and Families Breaking COVID-19 Curfew

On May 16 the Saudi Arabian National Guard (SANG) posted video of workers and families being arrested for breaking COVID-19 curfew rules in Riyadh.

The scenes took place at night in the Manfuha district of Riyadh, and local reports said that 3,334 curfew violations nationwide have been recorded in a single day.

The first part of the video shows the arrest of a barber who was still working inside his shop, which appears to be closed at the time of the arrest. The official filming the video points to a van that is parked outside and says it’s there “to put the shop out of sight” so that no one sees what happens inside.

The second part of the video shows the arrest of “a group of families” in a public park who, according to the official filming, will be fined.

As of May 19, Saudi Arabia had reported 59,854 confirmed cases of the coronavirus and 329 deaths from COVID-19.

Saudi Arabia said it will implement a 24-hour curfew from May 23 to 27; the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr falls on May 23 and 24. Credit: Saudi Arabian National Guard via Storyful