Satisfactory Announces 1.0 Release Date With Funny Trailer

Coffee Stain Studios Satisfactory 1.0
Coffee Stain Studios Satisfactory 1.0

Swedish developer Coffee Stain Studios launched the open-world factory simulation game Satisfactory in early access in 2019. Five years later, the game finally has a 1.0 release date. Also, players will be able to flush the toilets.

When will Satisfactory 1.0 release?

Coffee Stain Studios announced Satisfactory 1.0’s release date in a new trailer, though viewers might not know that’s what it’s about at first. Instead, it focuses on the new toilet flush effects, featuring a Pioneer’s adventure to reach the bathroom in time. Epic music plays as she jumps and slides under and over conveyor belts to reach the restroom. The trailer then proudly announces that Toilet Flush will launch on September 10, 2024. “That’s also the release date for Satisfactory 1.0,” the trailer adds in small text, “but we didn’t have any budget for that trailer.”

Developed in Unreal Engine 5 and Available on Windows PC, Satisfactory casts players as Pioneers for the mysterious FICSIT Inc. After being dropped on the planet with some basic tools, they must build a sprawling automated factory to provide FICSIT with increasingly complex components. However, extraterrestrial factory construction isn’t without hazards. Players must occasionally fend off hostile wildlife or brave hazardous environments to protect the plant or acquire rare resources.

Initially an Epic Games exclusive, Satisfactory reportedly sold over 500,000 copies in its first three months of early access, exceeding 5.5 million by January 2024. It came to Steam in 2020 and now has a 10/10 “Overwhelmingly Positive” on that platform. It’s also 50% off as part of the Steam summer sale. Anyone interested in trying Satisfactory before the 1.0 release can grab it now for $14.99.

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