Satellite tribute to launch Maradona to the stars

STORY: A satellite tribute will take Maradona to space

carrying a pair of the soccer legend's cleats

and messages recorded by his fans around the world

[Entrique Trincado, Maradona fans]

"Diego, I speak to you on behalf of all Argentines. Wherever you are, I hope that you will help us bring the World Cup to Argentina this year."

The project is created by fintech company Give and Get

which named the satellite Cosmic Kite - Maradona's nickname

The satellite launched date is not confirmed yet

[Maximiliano Gallo, General manager, Cosmic Kite Project]

"The cleats and the tapes with the messages collected worldwide, and in the places where Diego made history are going to be sent in a satellite to orbit in space. The idea is that everything is documented so they can see everything is real. The cleats will have a camera and look for the Cosmic Kite. We, from the earth, will be able to see the route that the cleats take, dodging things and looking for Diego so that the messages from all over the world reach him as closely as possible."

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