Satellite images reveal damage at Taganrog plant after drone strike on A-50 repair site

On March 9, explosions rang out in Taganrog, Russia
On March 9, explosions rang out in Taganrog, Russia

Satellite images of the grounds of the Taganrog aircraft plant, which was attacked by drones on March 9, have been posted online by OSINT analyst Frontelligence Insight on X.

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The images, taken on the afternoon of March 9, show damage to one of the hangars.

There are also signs of arson on the roof of the hangar, indicating a fire.

According to the media outlet Militarnyi, the hangars were the final assembly site for the aircraft. The enterprise was used to repair special aircraft based on the Tu-95 and Il-76 airframes.

<span class="copyright">Frontelligence Insight/Х</span>
Frontelligence Insight/Х
<span class="copyright">Frontelligence Insight/Х</span>
Frontelligence Insight/Х

OSINT analysts claim that one of A-50 is missing from the images taken on March 8 and 9. It was there on Feb. 29.

Militarnyi writes that it is not yet known where the aircraft was redeployed. However, there is a possibility that it could have been damaged when it was moved to the hangar, which was later hit by a UAV.

<span class="copyright">Schemes (Схеми)</span>
Schemes (Схеми)

Explosions were heard in Taganrog, Russia overnight on March 8-9. The authorities reported a massive attack by allegedly Ukrainian drones.

The Taganrog authorities reported officially that the attack was repelled by Russian air defenses and acknowledged the injury of only one emergency response worker who was involved in the clearing operations.

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Local Telegram channels wrote that the Taganrog Beriev Aviation Scientific and Technical Complex could have been hit. Russian military bloggers noted that the plant's workshops were used to repair the A-50 airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

At the same time, Serhiy Bratchuk, head of the Public Council at the Odesa Oblast Military Administration, wrote on social media that Ukrainian special services had conducted a successful special operation in Taganrog, hitting a local aircraft manufacturing plant with drones.

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