Satellite Imagery Shows Dramatic Increase in Traffic at Kabul Airport as Locals Try to Flee Taliban

Satellite imagery has captured long lines of vehicles approaching the Kabul airport in Afghanistan from August 16 to 18, as people rushed to flee the country in the days after the Taliban announced it took control of the capital on August 15.

These images, captured by Planet Labs Inc, show heavy traffic surrounding the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Airport Road just outside Hamid Karzai International Airport, where US and allied forces were leading emergency evacuations.

Separate imagery from June 26 shows less traffic around the airport by comparison.

The Kabul airport has erupted into chaos since the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan, with hundreds of Afghan security force members assisting thousands of US troops in securing the area.

Eyewitness footage has captured security forces opening fire in an attempt to control crowds trying to flee the country. Credit: Planet Labs Inc via Storyful

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