Satellite Imagery Shows Debris From Destroyed Soviet-Era Satellite

Satellite imagery showed new space debris in the wake of the destruction of a Soviet-era Russian satellite on November 15.

The imagery, captured by the US company Numerica, was taken by a telescope in Morocco that was tracking the last known trajectory of the satellite, a representative for the company said.

The fragments of new debris, circled in the video by blue dots, were detected by Numerica’s algorithms, according to the company.

The breakup of the satellite, which was caused by a Russian anti-satellite missile, created more than 1,500 pieces of “trackable orbital debris and hundreds of thousands of pieces of smaller orbital debris,” US State Department spokesman Ned Price said on Monday.

The anti-satellite test by Russia prompted emergency safety procedures at the International Space Station.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said he was “outraged” by Russia’s “irresponsible and destabilizing action”. Credit: Numerica via Storyful

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