Sarawak PKR leader welcomes govt's move to help Malaysians with no IC, birth certificates

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUCHING, Feb 8 — A member of PKR central leadership council today urged Malaysians in Sarawak who are still without their Identity Card and Birth Certificate to submit fresh applications to the state National Registration Department (NRD) office for approval.

Abun Sui Anyit said they can also bring the old receipt of their application to the NRD office.

He said the issue of Malaysians in Sarawak who still do not have the two documents was among the matters discussed at the PKR central leadership council meeting, chaired by party president and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, two days ago.

“We are very grateful for the political determination of the current national unity government where, through the response of the Minister of Home Affairs, a special committee has been established to deal with the issue of the lack of Identity Cards and Birth Certificates for Malaysian citizens,” Abun Sui said in a statement this afternoon.

He said the state PKR, through its 31 branches, is ready to help people in the interior who face the constraints of poverty and are unable to come to the nearest NRD office.

He said he will forward all the data collected by the PKR branches to the Ministry of Home Affairs for action to be taken by the special committee.

“It is hoped that this effort will continue until there are no more eligible individuals without the two documents,” Abun Sui said.

It is believed that thousands of Malaysians in Sarawak, especially those in the interior areas, are classified as stateless because they do not have Identity Cards and Birth Certificates as supporting documents when they apply to be Malaysian citizens.