Sarah Nicole Landry shares 'vulnerable' note on struggling to celebrate her wins

The body positivity advocate admitted she's scared of her goals.

Sarah Nicole Landry shares
Sarah Nicole Landry shares "vulnerable" note about learning to embrace her wins via Instagram/ @thebirdspapaya

Sarah Nicole Landry is learning to embrace the "good things" in life.

Over the weekend, the Canadian body positivity advocate — better known by her social media handle The Birds Papaya — took to Instagram with a carousel of photos and videos marking her latest career milestone. She paired it with a "vulnerable" message about struggling to accept her wins.

In the post, Landry included footage of herself posing on a digital billboard in front of the Eaton Centre in Toronto. The influencer was wearing a hot pink pant set and a denim jacket, in celebration of her partnership with the Canadian apparel brand Reitmans.

She also included behind-the-scenes snaps from the launch, where she donned a hot pink, off-the-shoulder sundress and strappy green high-heel sandals. A mirror selfie also made the cut, with Landry posing in Knix shapewear.

"Vulnerable post incoming," she began the caption.

"This last month has been full of some really great wins," the mom-of-four shared. "I struggle with good things. They’re my goals and yet, I’m scared of them too — always waiting for something bad to happen."

Landry explained that she was "swept off" her feet with "love and support" at the event she worried not many would attend.

She "soon realized so many of us have this" — a distrust for "good things."

"We must see the wins!" she continued. "Yesterday was a big one. Not the big fancy parts of it. But the fact that I allowed myself to see love and support and acknowledge a really great moment in my career — it’s a win."

In the comments, fans celebrated Landry's win and applauded her vulnerability.

"Truer words have never been spoken," an Instagram user wrote. "Congratulations, so proud of you, as always!"

"Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your vulnerability with us as well," another added.

One commenter penned: "Big Win. Thank you for being you! We need more of this in our world."

"Congrats! This is huge. Thank you for your vulnerability, as always," a fan commented.

"So happy for you," wrote another. "You make everyone feel so seen and heard. What a dream come true."

In the spirit of being more optimistic about her wins, on Sunday, Landry took to her Instagram story to announce another milestone.

She admitted that she has been afraid to share the news out loud and jinx herself, but "long story short, Knix is going to the Sports Illustrated party this week and invited me as a guest."

"So I'm going to the Sports Illustrated party in New York this week," she said in the 24-hour post. "It's very exciting."

Landry hinted some of her friends, who her followers may know, will also be at the event.

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