Sarah Ferguson’s ‘dignified’ coronation party includes tribute to Queen Elizabeth

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Sarah Ferguson has revealed how she celebrated the coronation of King Charles III, despite not being invited to the royal ceremony on Saturday (6 May).

Charles and Camilla will be crowned Britain’s new King and Queen Consort by the Archbishop of Canterbury at Westminster Abbey, with 2,000 guests in attendance.

The Duchess of York, however, will not be present, after it was revealed last month that Charles did not invite Prince Andrew’s ex-wife to the historic swearing-in.

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However, that hasn’t stopped the 63-year-old author from sharing her wishes for the royal family on social media, explaining that she commemorated the occasion with a “tea fit for a King”.

A party was held at the Manor Care Home in Windsor, Ferguson wrote on Instagram, to “help them celebrate” Britain’s new king.

The residents of the home were served “Charles’s Crunchy Cream Cake” – a sponge cake made with King Charles’s Highgrove Honey. It has a “regal topping” of Golden cream and Foxes Crunch Cream biscuits, covered in edible glitter.

In more “royal refreshments”, Ferguson also served “Camilla’s tea” with flavours of lemon and ginger.

The post’s caption read: “I hope you have got the bunting out ready for the Coronation tomorrow. I certainly have.

“Today I assembled a tea fit for a King which I shared with the residents at the Manor Care Home in Windsor to help them celebrate. Enjoy the weekend!”

Her Instagram post also included a tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II, who died last September after ruling the country for nearly 70 years. Ferguson shared pictures of one of the queen’s beloved corgis, who were adopted after by her and Andrew after the monarch’s death,

Fans praised her “selfless and dignified act” in the comments.

“So glad you’re taking good care of the queen’s corgis,” one person wrote.

Another said: “I’m happy for the corgis!! They must miss the Queen like all of us.”

In an earlier interview, Ferguson said she wasn’t offended when Charles didn’t invite her to the ceremony, since her and Andrew have been divorced since 1996.

She told ITV’s Good Morning Britain: “It’s a state occasion and being divorced, I don’t think you can have it both ways,” she said. “I am divorced, and I’m really loving being divorced to my ex-husband, not from my ex-husband, it’s quite a differentiate.”

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