Sara Haines collapses on “The View” to demonstrate effects of melatonin

Sara Haines collapses on “The View” to demonstrate effects of melatonin

Haines acted out what it's like to feel the impact of the sleep medication from her seat at the Hot Topics table.

Famed View collapser Whoopi Goldberg has seemingly transferred the power (and, frankly, art) of going limp at the Hot Topics table to cohost Sara Haines.

Haines sunk into her chair on Wednesday's episode of the talk show, after Goldberg introduced a discussion about an ethical dilemma involving a woman who secretly puts melatonin — an over-the-counter hormone often used to treat sleep issues — into her husband's water bottle to help treat his mental health issues.

"Melatonin does not treat being manic, this is the wrong drug for a certain issue," conservative cohost Alyssa Farah Griffin said, before Haines cut in to set a specific scene: "Fast-forward to her husband at work," Haines said, before she fell to the side in her chair as the audience laughed."

<p>ABC</p> Sara Haines collapses on 'The View'


Sara Haines collapses on 'The View'

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"You shouldn't operate a car, you shouldn't commute somewhere on melatonin," Griffin continued, before comedian Joy Behar joked that the woman's husband was "an airline pilot."

Goldberg popularized the craft of collapsing at the Hot Topics table several times in the recent past, including on the April 10 episode after cohost Ana Navarro name-dropped yet another one of her famous friends.

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"I have an ongoing game of Words With Friends on my iPad with Martina Navratilova," Navarro said at the time, prompting Goldberg's eyes to shoot skyward following her fellow panelist's latest mention of a celebrity pal, after discussing friendships with the likes of Gloria Estefan, Eva Longoria, and more.

Goldberg's fake collapse in April marked the third time the Oscar-winning Ghost actress has performed the bit at the Hot Topics table in the last year. She first fell to the table in November 2023, and then did it again in January 2024.

The View airs weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC.

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