Sara Bareilles Launches New ‘Brave Gowns’ Collection for Children’s Hospitals

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Celebrating the 10th anniversary of her hit “Brave,” Sara Bareilles has announced the “Brave Gowns Collection,” a series of garments for children’s hospitals in partnership with the California-based company of the same name, started by Summer Germann, who lost her own younger brother to cancer.

The collection includes a line of colorful hospital gowns for children intended to provide an alternative to traditional patient wardrobe. Supporters can gift these gowns to children in hospitals across the United States or contribute a donation of any amount. Head here for more information.

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Bareilles said, “Over the years, I have seen healthcare communities adopt ‘Brave’ as an anthem — weaving my song into all kinds of stories of patients and their families as they face different challenges and continue to meet each moment with resilience and grace. I am so inspired by the very difficult work being done on the front lines by our health care facilitators and hospital staff and especially by the young patients in hospitals all over the country showing up every single day, even when it’s hard, with bravery and strength. This collection is meant to remind them all HOW BIG THEIR BRAVE IS and how much we love them!”

According to the announcement, Brave Gowns are high-quality medical pieces that alleviate the probability of infections for chest ports, simplifying access to all areas of the body without compromising privacy. The products are intended to replace uncomfortable hospital garments, “providing much-needed dignity and hope to children in need, as well as reducing anxiety by providing doctors and nurses with a point of conversation upon entering the room.”

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