Sao Paolo Skyline Lights Up in Shimmering Protest Against Bolsonaro

Brazilians banged pots and flicked their lights on and off on the evening of March 18, creating a shimmering spectacle in central São Paulo to protest the response of President Jair Bolsonaro to the coronavirus outbreak.

This video, taken by journalist Euan Marshall on the balcony of his home in the São Paulo neighborhood of Consolação, showed the city at night time. Apartment lights for as far as the eye can see flick on and off as the sound of pots and pans being banged echoed around the city.

Bolsonaro’s administration has become ensnared in a scandal after 14 members of the entourage he travelled to Florida with earlier this month tested positive for the virus, a disease he previously said was causing “hysteria.” Despite reports, Bolsonaro claims that tests he took for the virus have come up negative.

Bolsonaro appeared on television on Wednesday wearing a face mask, and was flanked by ministers in face masks. Over the weekend, the right-wing president appeared with thousands of supporters at protests, despite warnings from his own health ministry for Brazilians to avoid large gatherings. Credit: Euan Marshall via Storyful