Santubong PKR says Haziq denies being the man in sex, confession videos

Sulok Tawie
Ahmad Nazib said Haziq denies being the man in the sex and confessional videos making the rounds on social media.

KUCHING, June 12 — Santubong PKR Ahmad Nazib Johari insisted today that his Youth wing chief Haziq Aziz has denied he is the man featured in the gay sex video clips circulated to attack Datuk Seri Azmin Ali this week.

Ahmad Nazib said Haziq also denied being the one in the video confessing to having said sex and calling for Azmin to be investigated for corruption.

“I called him this afternoon, asking for an explanation on the alleged scandal, and he categorically denied being an individual featured in the sex video and as an individual making the confession,” Ahmad Nazib said.

He also said that Haziq claimed the videos were the work of irresponsible individuals.

“I have also contacted Haziq’s close friend, and he, too, denied the allegations,” he said.

He said he had closely observed the confession video and found that the man in the video differed from Haziq physically.

He said he met Haziq three days ago during an Aidilfitri visit, and said the latter did not look similar to the man in the confession video, especially his hair and facial features.

“Three days ago, I noticed Haziq’s hair was short and his body was not as big as the man in the video,” he said.

“The confession does not reflect the person I know of having a good religious and family background and character,” he added.

Yesterday, several videos of roughly 90 seconds each began circulating on social media which depicted a man performing sexual acts on another man who allegedly resembles Azmin.

Early this morning, a man who called himself Haziq Aziz released a 30-second clip on the Facebook page of the senior private secretary to Primary Industries Deputy Minister Datuk Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin, confessing to the sexual video and calling for Azmin to be investigated for corruption.

Azmin has since categorically denied the allegation, claiming it was a “vicious libel” against him and a “nefarious” plot of reputation and character assassination.

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