Santos Sends Typo-Laden Thank-You Notes to Reps Who Voted Against His Expulsion

Julia Nikhinson/Reuters
Julia Nikhinson/Reuters

After embattled Rep. George Santos (R-NY) survived a Republican-led expulsion vote from Congress on Wednesday, he sent thank-you notes to the House members who sided with him. “Dear Colleague,” he began, “I am writing to express my gratitude to you for standing up for the principals [sic] of due process and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.” He continued, writing that a member of Congress had never been expelled before they have been convicted of their alleged crimes. He concluded by saying the results of the vote maintained “the sanctity of this institution” and protected against “the possibility of setting a very dangerous precedent.” Santos sent thank-you letters previously in May when 221 GOP members referred a Democratic-led expulsion vote to the Ethics Committee.

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