Santa's Finnish grotto is also a bomb shelter

STORY: Did you know Santa’s grotto was originally built as a bomb shelter?

Location: Rovaniemi, Finland

It's ready to revert to its original function in case of attack

The shelter is carved into a hill some 55 yards deep

It can withstand bombings or a chemical or nuclear attack

and can house 3,600 people

(Santa Park owner, Katja Ikaheimo-Lankinen)

"From the very beginning when this was built in 1997 and 1998 it was built in the idea to have the shelter but at the same time to have a theme park inside so from the very beginning they have taken every precaution and all the measurements in consideration when building Santa Park, the Santa Claus' very own amusement park."

The Santa shelter is one of 50,000 built in Finland

which are able to provide emergency housing to 80% of the population

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Finland decided to end its long-held policy of military non-alignment

and apply to join the NATO alliance

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