Santa dad zaps himself with homemade skill-tester Christmas tree

This science-mad dad from Australia was left writhing around in agony on the floor after testing his own crazy, festive invention. Jacob Strickling was inspired to create his Christmas Tree Challenge game by the classic skill-tester in which participants negotiate a twisted copper wire without touching it. However, Strickling took the game to the next level by attaching the copper wire to a rotating Christmas tree and giving losers a powerful shock via an electrified fence unit. Needless to say, neither of Strickling's children wanted to test his invention so he was forced to be the guinea pig himself. After removing his flip flops and standing on the conducting metal wire, Santa dad quickly failed his own challenge and received such a powerful electric jolt that he collapsed to the floor in pain. "That's not a good idea," he screeched. The amusing clip was filmed today (December 22nd) in Terrigal, New South Wales. Definitely don't try this at home.