Sanjna Suri wants to break into local Malay market

30 Dec – Now that she has become a leading lady through the Punjabi movie, "Mundey Kampung Dey", Sanjna Suri hopes that she will be able to break into the local market through her acting talent.

The actress, who was also Miss Intercontinental Malaysia 2017 and Miss Supranational Malaysia 2018, admitted that it's been challenging to break into the Malay market, though hoped that she will be given a fair chance.

"People would usually give me non-Malay characters, either an Indian or a mixed-race woman," she said. "I would like to break the stereotype because I really want to be in the mainstream. I wouldn't even mind wearing a hijab, doing an action scene, or playing a boyish character."

Sanjna, who once studied acting with legendary actress Fauziah Ahmad Daud and was seen earlier this year in Namewee's "Nasi Lemak 1.0", stated that she has no qualms playing Muslim characters as she grew up around Muslims anyway.

"I know people know me as a model and a beauty queen. But I want to be known as an actress now. I am fully focused on becoming an actress," she added.

Sanjna doesn't mind playing a Muslim in local dramas
Sanjna doesn't mind playing a Muslim in local dramas

(Photo Source: Sanjna Suri IG)