Sanitation worker washes car for man who gave bottled water to him

A sanitation worker washed a man's car in thanks after received a bottle of water from the man in northern China. CCTV footage filmed in the city of Xingtai in Hebei Province on October 31 shows a sanitation worker on a three-wheeler stopping in front of a shop, while a man named Du came out and got several bottles of water from his car trunk, and gave them to the worker and his colleagues. After around half an hour, the sanitation worker drove back to use a water hose to wash Du's car. According to reports, the sanitation worker thought Du’s children’s clothing shop was a supermarket and wanted to buy some water. So Du gave several bottles of water to the worker and his colleagues. Du said he felt it was very heartwarming as the sanitation worker washed car for him in return. The video was provided by local media with permission.

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