Sandra Oh recreates beloved “Princess Diaries ”scene for Anne Hathaway's talk show appearance

The Queen is coming.

Shut up and listen: Sandra Oh recreated an iconic scene from The Princess Diaries to help promote former costar Anne Hathaway's appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

The Killing Eve star reprised her role of Vice Principal Geraldine Gupta in a segment shared to promote Hathaway's appearance on Tuesday's episode. The classic scene features Gupta as she answers the phone ("Gupta. Mmhm. Mmhm. Mmhm") and informs the room that the "Queen is coming."

The Princess Diaries franchise centered on Hathaway's Mia Thermopolis, a high school teenager who's thrown for a loop when she learns she's the heir apparent of the European principality of Genovia, Julie Andrews, Héctor Elizondo, Heather Matarazzo, Robert Schwartzman, and Mandy Moore starred in the first 2001 film, with Chris Pine joining the 2004 sequel.

Hathaway confirmed in 2019 that there is, in fact, a script for the highly-anticipated Princess Diaries 3, revealing on Watch What Happens Live that everyone "really" wants it to happen. “It’s just we don’t want to unless it’s perfect because we love it just as much as you guys love it," she said. "It’s as important to us as it is to you, and we don’t want to deliver anything until it’s ready, but we’re working on it.”

Last year, Oh similarly told Entertainment Weekly that she was very much on board to reprise her role, relaying the following message to the creative team: "I am ready for the Queen. Call me! I'm dying to see how Gupta has moved up in the world."

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