Sand Cars Replace Sand Castles in Miami Beach Artwork

Argentine conceptual artist Leandro Erlich put a new twist on the term “traffic jam” after he made 66 sand sculptures of cars and trucks at an imaginary standstill on Miami Beach.

The installation, named Order of Importance, was unveiled on Monday, December 2, as part of the Art Basel Miami Beach festival, and is the largest work Erlich has ever produced, according to WSVN.

Speaking to local media, Erlich described the installation as a “poetic version of a traffic jam.”

“It’s a poetic version of a traffic jam, and it’s open to the public in a public space,” he said. “It addresses an issue that is linked to our relationship to the natural order, the environment and how important it is to remain in balance in order to survive."

The piece will remain open to the public until December 15.

The City of Miami Beach, for once, was encouraging texting and selfies from this traffic jam. Credit: City of Miami Beach via Storyful