Sanam Harrinanan and Kai Fagan crowned winter Love Island champions

Sanam Harrinanan and Kai Fagan have won the second-ever winter series of Love Island.

The social worker and teacher beat out competition from fellow finalists Samie Elishi and Tom Clare, Tanya Mahenga and Shaq Muhammad and Lana Jenkins and Ron Hall.

Sanam is the first ever Casa Amor contestant to have won the series.

Host Maya Jama, who took over from Laura Whitmore this season, was in South Africa to announce the winners.

The two chose to share the £50,000 prize after being given the option to steal it for themselves.

“I can’t believe it, I’m still shocked to even be here,” Sanam told Jama.

Shaq and Tanya were the first finalists to go. “When I first saw her, she looked incredible. And the more I got to know her, I fell for her so quickly,” Shaq told Jama.

Kai and Sanam on ‘Love Island’ (ITV)
Kai and Sanam on ‘Love Island’ (ITV)

Meanwhile, Tanya told the host host: “Shaq’s always been on me. And if you meet someone, and when you look in their eyes and the only thing they see is you... I can’t let go of something like that. I’m just so grateful. I think he’s so amazing. And he makes me better person.”

In third place was Samie and Tom. “My mind’s been blown for like three days. I don’t know what’s going on,” Samie said.

Footballer Tom told Jama: “She means the world to me, she really does.”

Ron and Lana finished in second, running to congratulate Sanam and Kai as soon as the winners were announced.

The Love Island season finale comes days after former contestant Jack Keating, eldest son of Irish singer Ronan Keating, welcomed his first child.